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Privacy policy

Our Team takes seriously the issues of information security and has all the necessary licenses to work in the field of protecting confidential information and encryption. This policy is designed to explain to you what information we collect and consider confidential, how we process, store and protect it. If you have any questions related to the confidentiality of information on our website (hereinafter referred to as the Site), you can contact us by e-mail:

What information we collect

The volume and content of the information collected are determined by the objectives of its processing. In addition to providing the Site Services to our users, we can process the collected information for statistical purposes, in order to improve the quality of our services of the Site and to diagnose our information systems.

We get the information necessary for the functioning of the Site and the services placed on it from users. This information may include personal data. We do not check the accuracy of the information in any way, except for the financial information necessary to pay for the services provided by the Site services.

We can collect information about the devices from which the user connects to our servers. This is necessary to adapt web pages to different screen resolutions, to the methods of entering information, navigate the Site, and so on.

We can also collect technological information about the network addresses of users, browser versions and plug-ins. We need this information for statistics and improving the compatibility of our products with different browsers.

How we use collected information

We do not transfer the information to third parties. All the information we collect is used to provide you with the requested services and to fulfill our obligations.

We can use your contacts to notify you of any changes related to the operation of the Site services, changes in the services provided by the Site services or about the need for payment due to the expiry of the subscription period. In addition, we can contact you to inform you of our new services and special offers.

How we ensure privacy

Our Team provides a full range of services for the protection of information in accordance with the licenses issued for the licensed activities. We have the necessary human and material resources to perform any work to protect information and audit the security of information systems.

The physical security of our servers is provided around the clock security and access control system to the server room. The list of persons authorized to access the server room is limited.

Protection against unauthorized access is provided by using appropriate means of information protection and continuous updating of system and application software. An audit of the actions of users and administrators is conducted. Our servers are located in the DMZ behind a firewall with the function of detecting computer attacks. All the means of protection used have the necessary certificates of FSTEC of Russia and the FSB of Russia.

Security of communication channels between our servers and the user of the system is provided by means of public key encryption based on the HTTPS protocol. In this case, the user identifies our servers using a trusted certificate.

At the same time, the measures we take cannot provide the required level of confidentiality without adequate measures on the part of the user. The client computer must be equipped with a modern antivirus with up-to-date signature databases, have the latest version of the browser and plug-ins, use a modern operating system. The user of the Site services must have at least basic ideas about computer security and comply with the requirements of computer hygiene.

Application area

This policy applies to our Site, the services it provides, to the software, equipment and service personnel of our Team.


We regularly conduct activities to monitor compliance with the requirements of the confidentiality policy within our Team. We do not object if you decide to make your own assessment, which, however, should not interfere with the operation of the services and disclose the information of third parties.

You can report any shortcomings by phone or via e-mail specified in the Contacts section.


The team has the right to make any changes to this privacy policy related to changes in legislation, business practices, or the occurrence of other circumstances that are significant for the Team, necessitating the introduction of appropriate changes. Changes in the privacy policy come into force and are legally binding for the Team and for users of the Site from the time of publication of such changes on the Site. We also notify our users via e-mail about major changes in the privacy policy.