Waltix changes the online ticket market



Speculation means that resellers buy tickets for events using special bots and resell them at inflated prices. As a result, event organizers receive less profit from ticket sales, they cannot affect the situation, and event visitors are forced to overpay.

Решение Waltix.Platform

Protection against fraud. Waltix.Platform records all the information about the ticket in the blockchain, so it is impossible to forge the ticket.

Fraud, the double sale of the same ticket, leads to discontent from the visitors of the event and a loss of confidence in the organizers.

Решение Waltix.Platform

Control over the secondary market - the event organizer sets rules for the ticket circulation at Waltix.Platform: the possibility and the number of resale, the ceiling of the price.

Untimely ticket delivery - entails temporal and financial costs for event organizers.

Решение Waltix.Platform

Exclusion of the delivery process - it is enough for a visitor to present a crypto-ticket in his/her personal account when attending an event.

Additional costs for advertising and announcements - on existing ticket services operators are forced to promote their events to sell out the tickets.

Решение Waltix.Platform

It helps to make informed decisions - in the personal account information about each visitor of the event and general statistics are available. The analytical module allows you to plan ticket sales based on visitor preferences.

The solution that Waltix.Platform provides.


Controls the life cycle of the ticket. Issue, sale, compliance with resale rules, refund and repayment.


Unites organizers, ticket services and applications at Waltix.Platform.


Helps to manage their tickets using mobile applications on iOS and Android.