Investment attractiveness

  • Project that solves real problems for both businesses and customers
  • Constantly growing online ticket market ($ 27,000,000,000 at the end of 2017 and the growth potential of up to $ 40 billion by 2019)
  • Idea and implementation of the Waltix project belongs to a professional team with 10 years’ experience of working on complex IT-products

Economic model

We are developing Waltix ticket service as a desktop and mobile application for the tickets purchase. We have also started developing Waltix.Platform - an innovative solution for the ticket services.

After ICO, WLTX tokens will be actively used as the main internal payment unit of the service and will also be added to the stock exchange. Based on Statista GmbH research data, the global market of online ticket sales will be valued at $40 billion by 2019. However, WLTX emission will be limited.

The service receives commission on ticket sales on the primary market as well as on resale to a new owner on the secondary market. With an increase in the transactions volume and the deficit of WLTX tokens, their value will inevitably grow. More details can be found in our White Paper(RUS) and Market Analysis.(RUS) White Paper and Market analysis (RUS)

Why should you trust us?

  • 10 years experience in developing complex IT-products. Waltix is created by a group of IT-companies that developed and implemented the Unified Information Services Portal - DocShell - an automated personal data protection online service for production and management of electronic signature keys, installation and configuration of information security systems, data cryptography, support in electronic trading.
  • Vast experience in implementing complex business solutions in financial, banking, state and municipal spheres.
  • Branches and partners throughout Russia, more than 200 employees.

ICO conditions

special Take part in Private preSale on special terms and get a 10-40% bonus.

Carrying out period: 2018 year

Name of tokens: WLTX

Emission technology: Ethereum ERC20 (ERC223)

Funding target: 10 000 ETH

The minimum amount of funding: 2 000 ETH

Token value: 1 WLTX= 1/ 1 000 000 ETH

We accept: Ethereum ( min 0.5 ETH)

The distribution of emission

  • Investors — 65%
  • Team — 20%
  • Partners and consultants — 10%
  • Participants of the referral program — 5%

Distribution of investments

  • Marketing — 35%
  • Research, development and support — 65%
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