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  • What is Waltix.Platform and Waltix.API?
    Modern user applications typically interact with a so-called server. And Waltix is ​​no exception. Waltix.Platform is the core of our ticket system, its server part. The platform is designed so that not only Waltix user applications can access the system's functionality, but also ticket sites, agencies, and third-party programs. To provide such an interaction, a special programming interface API is used. With its help, a qualified programmer can connect any other ticket system or a custom ticket application to Waltix.Platform. Thus Waltix.Platform provides scalability of the service.
  • What is Waltix?
    Waltix is a service for ticket sales based on a blockchain technology. Any user can install the application on his mobile phone and purchase tickets for the events he wants to visit. You can learn more about the service features by watching a video on YouTube.
  • What is a blockchain technology?
    Blockchain is a technology of safe, distributed storage of digital assets in the form of a chain of events (transactions, deals and so on). Thanks to the advanced technologies of fixation, encryption and distributed storage, they can not be faked, erased, destroyed.
  • What are WLTX tokens?
    The WLTX token is a kind of crypto currency used in the Waltix service. All actions related to the ticket circulation are carried out by means of this token. Each ticket is supplied with the rules of circulation, so-called «smart contract». Free circulation of the WLTX token is planned on the stock exchanges.
  • How can I buy WLTX tokens?
    You can purchase WLTX tokens by sending a transaction to the address of the contract using the electronic currency Ethereum (ETH). You can read how to get your own Ethereum–wallet and purchase the ETH currency in a brief instruction. After that, you just need to click the «Buy WLTX» button on the main page of our site.
  • How can I register a wallet for crypto currency?
    You can create a new wallet using MyEtherWallet tool. We recommend using the browser Google Chrome + Metamask plugin for Chrome as a wallet. When registering, create a strong password (we recommend at least 15 random characters). Click the «Create a new wallet» button to confirm.
  • Which wallet, stock account or exchange office address can I use for the transaction?
    To purchase WLTX, you need to use wallets that support compatibility with the tokens protocol of ERC20 standard (Metamask, Mist, MyEtherWallet, etc.). But you can use any other online wallet.
  • When will I receive the purchased WLTX tokens?
    You will receive WLTX tokens immediately after confirming your transaction. The purchased tokens will automatically be forwarded to your wallet number; this is included in the ICO smart contract. To display the balance of WLTX tokens, you need to add a contract address to your wallet.
  • Why do we need WLTX tokens?
    The main purpose of WLTX tokens is to purchase tickets for various events in the Waltix DApps application. A complete list of application functions, for which a WLTX token is needed, is described in the White Paper of the project. In addition, you can buy WLTX tokens in order to resell them at a higher price.
  • How much does a WLTX token cost?
    We decided to nominate tokens in ETH, since the possibilities of its practical application are wider than that of bitcoins. The cost of WLTX will be reported after the official announcement of Pre-ICO on the site.
  • What are bonuses for buying WLTX tokens?
    We plan to encourage investments in our project, depending on the investment amount. A special offer will be in effect at the Pre-ICO stage - a bonus of up to 40%, which will be added to each purchased token during this period. The number of tokens for purchase under the Pre-ICO is limited, and a minimum threshold for investment will be set. After the end of the ICO, when you purchase tokens, bonuses will not be accrued.
  • What is Pre-ICO and ICO?
    Pre-ICO is a sale of company tokens in the field of blockchain before the official ICO. The token prices during the Pre-ICO are usually lower than in the main ICO. ICO (Initial coin offering) is a crowdfunding tool using crypto currency as a source of funding for startups.
  • When will the Waltix service prototype be ready?
    Currently, the bulk of the Waltix.Platform system is being developed. In parallel, custom applications are being developed. We will inform you about the development of the software in our newsletter. The first versions of the programs for the closed testing will be placed in the personal account. Therefore, we recommend registering on the site.
  • When can I buy tickets via the Waltix app?
    In parallel with the development work is being done to create a legal entity and to obtain all the relevant licenses. The delay in entering the ICO is also due to the fact that the legislative base for regulating blockage and ICO is in the process of formation, and we are striving to work in the legal field.
  • Why do I need to register on the site?
    When registering on the site, you get access to your personal account, which contains information about the number of purchased WLTX tokens, their market value.