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We bring a smart ticket to a single standard

Published on: 13.04.2018

On the second day of the ticketing forum, a discussion was held on the development of a single ticket standard in blockchain.Today it is difficult to imagine the market without electronic tickets, but they are replaced by a new generation of systems that implement the concept of smart operating director Sergey Kretsu noted that the event organizers will benefit from the use of blockchain technology and it is important for them to take the first step, to put it into practice, and the developers will somehow adjust to their needs and develop a standard for exchange of ticket ... more

Waltix.Platform was presented to the participants of the Moscow Ticketing Forum 2018

Published on: 09.04.2018

March 22 within the specialized trade fair Moscow Ticketing Forum 2018 at the “Otkritie Arena” stadium the presentation of the functional of the innovative ticket platform took place. Sergey Kretsu, the operating director of, told about global problems of the ticketing market and solutions based on Waltix.Platform.“Today most methods and systems are obsolete and unsafe. Using blockchain technologies such as Waltix.Platform, you will once and for all get rid of scammers and speculators, you will start to make profit from sales in the secondary market, said Sergey Kretsu. — We creat... more

Waltix.Platform представлена участникам Moscow Ticketing Forum 2018

Published on: 09.04.2018

22 марта в рамках специализированной отраслевой выставки Moscow Ticketing Forum 2018 на стадионе «Открытие Арена» состоялась презентация функционала инновационной билетной платформы Waltix. Операционный директор компании Сергей Крецу рассказал о глобальных проблемах билетного рынка и решениях на базе Waltix.Platform.«На сегодняшний день большинство методов и систем — устаревшие и небезопасные. Используя блокчейн-технологии, такие, как Waltix.platform, вы раз и навсегда избавитесь от мошенников и спекулянтов, начнете получать прибыль от продаж на вторичном рынке, — рассказал Сергей... more

Waltix announced the date of private Pre-Sale

Published on: 23.03.2018

As part of the upcoming ICO, Waltix is speeding up the prototype development process and announcing the date of the preliminary sale of WLTX tokens within the private Pre-Sale.WLTX is a specialized crypto currency that can be freely purchased, sold and exchanged for tickets in Waltix applications.“On March 28, the private Pre-Sale starts, during which WLTX tokens can be purchased with a bonus up to 40% of the cost,” said Waltix operating director Sergey Kretsu. — Now it is possible to register on the site to participate in a private Pre-Sale and referral program. Using WLTX will automate an... more

Стандартизируем умный билет

Published on: 23.03.2018

Во второй день билетного форума состоялась дискуссия в формате круглого стола на тему разработки единого стандарта билета в блокчейне.Сегодня уже сложно представить рынок без электронных билетов, но им на смену приходит новое поколение систем, реализующих концепцию умного билета.Операционный директор Сергей Крецу отметил, что организаторы мероприятий выиграют от внедрения технологии блокчейн и для них важно сделать первый шаг — начать применять его на практике, а разработчики так или иначе подстроится под их потребности и выработают стандарт для обмена билетной информацией.Участни... more

Speculation and tickets falsification in the World Cup 2018 will be fined.

Published on: 20.02.2018

February 5, Vladimir Putin signed the law passed by the State Duma on responsibility for the illegal sale of tickets for the World Cup matches in 2018, the website of the President of Russia reports.Citizens will be fined for illegal ticket sales in the amount of 20-fold to 25-fold ticket prices, but not less than 50 thousand rubles. For officials, the penalty will range from 25-fold to 30-fold entry fee, but not less than 150,000 rubles. Persons engaged in entrepreneurial activities without the formation of a legal entity face an administrative suspension of activities for up to 90 days, o... more

Beware of scammers!

Published on: 06.02.2018

Attackers send out emails that are not related to the Waltix project in any way on behalf of Last weekend, several of our subscribers received a letter imitating the corporate style of the Waltix mailing list. Users were asked to download an executable file located on a third-party server.Unfortunately, no major company is immune from such actions. To fake a corporate identity and return address when sending a letter is not difficult. We are investigating the incident, but it is already clear that this was a pathetic attempt to deceive our subscribers’ vigilance and force them to... more

Going to PreSale with a prototype!

Published on: 23.01.2018 team has started implementation of a blockchain ticket platform. Developers have to create and adjust the interaction of a large number of software modules. In this regard, the ICO date will be announced as soon as the version is ready for closed testing.The cost of the token has also been changed. Now 1WLTX = $ 0.01. The number of tokens will be 1 673 750 000, and the size of the bonus at the initial stage of financing will be equal to 35%.“Plan changes are related to the decision to release a working version of the platform and its applications before launching the ICO”, — said ... more

Functionality Waltix

Published on: 22.01.2018

Fraud and speculation in the ticket market is a problem rooted in ancient Rome. Speculators selling tickets for symbolic events with a ten-fold mark-up. Scammers selling one ticket to several people. Even in our time there are bots buying up electronic tickets at the first second of sales and fake sites for selling fake tickets. It would seem that the problem of betrayal of trust in the online ticket market has no solution. But today there is a technology that makes all transactions fair, understandable and equitable for all interested people. In the growing online ticket market, Waltix pre... more

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Published on: 25.12.2017