Waltix changes the online ticket market



  • All tickets are bought by online bots and are being resold at an inflated price.
  • The same ticket is sold to several different visitors.
  • After ticket purchase, there is a problem with timely delivery or printing out.

The solution is a smart ticket. It means that the price, terms of sale and resale, and other information about each ticket is recorded in the blockchain, which allows to avoid any frauds. A crypto-ticket is available in a mobile application, so there is no need for its delivery or printing out.

How does WALTIX work? Watch a short video

Mobile applications allow you to easily buy and sell tickets for any event. All moves are recorded! The innovative service captures all the transactions with tickets in the distributed operations registry - the blockchain. The smart contracts built into each ticket allow the organizers to control the life cycle of the ticket and receive interest from resale. Everyone can become a service investor. How it works?


After the user purchases a crypto ticket, the smart contract sends it to the Waltix.Service wallet.
At the entrance to the event, the viewer presents ticket QR-code from the application.

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Service Features

For visitors

  • Searching events by criteria
  • Possibility to present as a gift or sell a purchased ticket if you could not attend the event
  • Setting up notifications about the available tickets for interesting events
  • Possibility to share events in social networks and invite your friends to them, etc

For organizers

  • Ability to control ticket turnover by connecting to Waltix.Platform;
  • Possibility to set terms for the ticket sale and resale using the blockchain technology
  • Possibility to arrange promotions, sell out the remaining tickets and much more
  • Huge market for ticket sales: users + their social networks


For agents

  • Trustability of operations, interests protection
  • Saving time on ticket distribution;
  • Controlling payments and commissions
  • Creating and managing the customer list


Ticket services will be connected to Waltix.Platform to solve existing problems of the online ticketing market.

Waltix платформа для рынка онлайн-билетов

Press about us

Road map

  • 2017

    • Project formalization, White paper
    • Website launch
    • Collecting the team and attracting partners
    • PR campaign start
    • Referral program start
    • Starting Waltix.Platform development Waltix.Platform

  • 2018

    • Launching the alpha version of Waltix.Platform
    • Private presale: limited tokens sale of $1.0 million (1st round)
    • Integration and testing of Waltix.Platform with ticket systems of project partners
    • Pre-ICO: public tokens sale of $ 1-1.5 million (2nd round)
    • • ICO: attraction of $ 7 - 10 million (3rd round)
    • Working web-version of Waltix.Platform for ticket services and applications with API integration capability
    • • Launch of Waltix.Platform in the Russian market with the possibility of acquiring tickets for fiducial currency and WLTX
    • Contracts with key market organizers: sports, theaters, concerts
    • Development of the alpha version of the Waltix.Service application
    • Conducting concerts and promo-events with the sale of tickets for WLTX token

  • 2019

    • Running the working version of Waltix.Service
    • Entering the international market
    • Opening of operational offices in key countries: Spain, Germany, USA, China
    • Extensive PR campaign for the product popularization
    • Participation in international ticket forums and conferences

  • 2020 2022

    • Establish as the international ticket blockchain platform for ticket systems and applications
    • International marketplace for the ticket market with API integration for all ticket applications and agents
    • Partnership with key global event organizers: sports, festivals


Владислав Маницкий
Manitsky Vladislav


15 years of work in the IT field, 12 years in the management positions in large regional integrators. Co-founder of several enterprises in Russia.

Kretsu Sergey

Chief Operating Officer

Work experience - 10 years, 7 years of them in management positions in large financial and IT companies. Manager of IT company, businessman. A rich experience in launching projects from scratch.

Prynkov Denis

Chief Visionary Officer

20 years of IT work, 10 of them in management positions in sales, marketing, project management.

Владислав Маницкий
Negriy Evgeniy

Team Leader Software Architect

More than 10 years experience of software development, is a specialist in the development area DApps, Solidity.

Vasilchenko Ekaterina

Chief of partner network Development

13 years of work experience, 8 years of them in the management positions in large companies. She has a great experience in working with partners.

Tarasenko Anton

Head of legal service

10 years of work in jurisprudence, of which 7 years in the IT field


Владислав Маницкий
Korshkov Vasiliy

Strategic cooperation with ANO "Unified Basketball League"

Director for Marketing and Development of the VTB United League. 20 years of digital and event experience marketing. He is one of the most famous experts in sports events in Russia. He has an experience in selling tickets from 2011 for "Lokomotiv-Kuban" (Krasnodar) and VTB United League (Moscow)

Владислав Маницкий
Artem'yev Viktor

Strategic cooperation with ANO Unified Basketball League

Director for Marketing and Development of the VTB United League. 20 years of digital and event experience marketing. He is one of the most famous experts in sports events in Russia. He has an experience in selling tickets from 2011 for "Lokomotiv-Kuban" (Krasnodar) and VTB United League (Moscow)

Владислав Маницкий
Teplukhin Dmitriy

Specifies the vector of PR project development

20 years of experience in design and marketing, general director of the branding agency Stayfirst (Moscow, Krasnodar, New-York), 500 branding projects in the portfolio

Владислав Маницкий
Nasonov Evgeniy

Sets strategy for the development of a marketing campaign

Social Media Marketing and specialist in the sale of tickets for a basketball club «Lokomotiv-Kuban»

Project Partners

VTB United League

The project team has signed an agreement on the provision of services for the organization of sports events for the matches of the Russian basketball «VTB United League» with the ANO «United Basketball League».


Preliminary cooperation arrangements were reached with several major theaters in Moscow and the South of Russia, which agreed to integrate with the Waltix service.